Episode 109 - The Fourth Trimester and Postpartum Doulas with Nadia Taylor From My Sacred Birth & Beyond

The fourth trimester is the first 3 months after the baby is born, and often the way we transition into our role as a mother in these first months can indicate how the first year will go and how our mental health will pan out. In our western society, especially, it's easy to feel the pressure to jump back into life with one or more children and not have 6 or more weeks to recover.

In this episode, Nadia Taylor joins me again to discuss some things we can do in this sacred time and dive into how a postpartum doula can help.

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Samantha Newman

Samantha Newman

Samantha helps ignite momentum for mothers going through postpartum depression and anxiety. She is a mother, wife and writer who passionately shares her heart while linking arms with those struggling.
Queensland, Australia