Episode 105: Living Life with No Regrets with Rhonda Stoppe

Today I'm thrilled to welcome my new friend Rhonda Stoppe onto the podcast. Rhonda is an international Christian speaker and author to 6 books including Real Life Romance, The Marriage Mentor, and Moms Raising Sons to Be Men. Rhonda shares her raw and honest experience with postpartum depression and anxiety, and I know her story will encourage you as you move forward in your journey.

Mentions in this episode:

No Regrets Woman

Real Life Romance (this link includes the videos Rhonda mentions about the couples' love stories)

The Marriage Mentor

Moms Raising Sons to be Men

Focus on the Family

Family Life Today

James Dobson's Family Talk

A Christian Woman's Guide to Great Sex in Marriage (Remember if you subscribe to Rhonda's newsletter she will send you a complimentary copy of this book!)

Samantha Newman

Samantha Newman

Samantha helps ignite momentum for mothers going through postpartum depression and anxiety. She is a mother, wife and writer who passionately shares her heart while linking arms with those struggling.
Queensland, Australia